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Vester Wright

May 29, 1952 - March 22, 2021
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Kyle Briggs

Avenidas Funeral Chapel

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Vester Wright

May 29, 1952 - March 22, 2021

Vester Lee Wright, 68, a long time resident of Avondale, AZ passed at Abrazo Heart Hosptial in Good Year, AZ with his wife Debra Lynne of 47 years by his side, on Monday March, 22, 2021. He had a cardiac arrest at 5:17 minutes of arriving to the ER by ambulanace and yeasr’s of heart disease with open heart 5 bypasses in 1995.
He died of natural causes.
Vester’s life began on May, 29, 1952 in Chicago Heights, Illinois where he was born to the late Vester Lee Wright, 111 and Betty Wright ( BROWN).
Vester was a 1970 graduate of Crown point, High School. He was active in wrestling, and gymnastics.
He went to ITT TECHICAL INSTITUTE in INDPLS, to be an architect. He loved drawing and designing anything with his hands. He was very good at it. His entire home is hand crafted in the woodwork and the floors, inside and out.... and the automated smart home is top notch. 
He met his wife of 50 years and married his wife and they were united in marriage on August 25, 1973.                
Vester and Debbie resided on the west side of Indpls, until they started a family in 1980 and then they relocated and raised the family for over two decades living in Greenwood, Indiana on the Valle Vista golf course where he was a member of Valle Vista and enjoyed golfing when he had the chance and wasn’t at work at the business we owned working tirelessly. 
He was at every single activity our two daughter’s were involved in and never missed anything they were in. He put family first values, respect, hard and work ettic and morals first and demanded it. Vester and Debbie owned a steel rule cutting business in Greenwood, Indiana and most days that is where you could find him working with his hands designing for others and teaching attention to detail and quality first before speed, then speed. 
Vester abd Debbie relocated to the Valley in 2005, living in Surprise, AZ
then relocating to Avondale, AZ in 09. They own a rhinestone shop located in their home. Vester loved giving back to people one stone at a time. The world is a lot sparklier because of Vester and his wife Debbie. Proudly made in the USA by both of them. Vester was retired from First Choice Dies, after decades of owning the business. He also worked for Sun City Awning of Sun City, AZ, and a sign shop in Phoenix where he wsa the graphic designer and ran the design part of the commerical signs.  
Vester worked tirelessly every day but took time out to enjoy life, Debbie and his BULLDOG KING BLING WRIGHT.  He worked all day Sunday with Debbie by his side and had a heart attack at 2:54 and passed in Abrazo Heart Hospital in Goodyear, AZ. On March 22, 2021. 
Vester was cremated on March 31, 2021 in Good Year, AZ.  Vester is now  back home with Debbie as of GOOD FRIDAY, April 2, 2021. 
Vester leaves behind his wife, Debra Lynne Wright, his two daughters, 
Tiffany Nicole Messersmith, and Steffany Michelle Reutter and their 4 granddaughers Miley, Ella, Zoey and Callie. He also leaves behind his mother, Betty Wright, all his siblings, in Valerie, Vivian, Mike, Tom, Theresa and Steve Wright. He is the first sibling to go to the pearly gates of heaven.... he will lead the way for them..........He is preceded in death by his Father Vester L. Wright Jr and Vester L. Wright his Grandpa, his Grandma’s and Aunt Alice and other cousins etc.  
There will be no services. Please honor this amazing man in your hearts
No need to send flowers or donations. Just live life to the fullest and remember his fav saying............. in one moment, your life can be forever changed. Wear your mask, get your vaccinne, keep your distance and
always have love in your heart and faith in your heart and take oneday at a time. Vester will be forever missed by so many. He was one of a kind. 
So crafty and talented an a workaholic that never got tired of working.
May he rest in heaven and be pain free and making heaven super sparkly
with his heart his smile and his love of people and work. The best of the best.

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Condolences 7

Diane Cummings Hi this is actually Jerry Cummings I worked for Vester up to the time he sold FCD and I am sorry to hear about his passing he taught me a lot and I think he is the reason I am still with MSRD he made sure I still had a job after he sold the company. I have used everything he taught me about die making and I am still there today 16 yrs later as senior cad person. Vester taught me a lot and once again I am sorry to hear about his passing. This is my wife's email my email is
over 2 years ago

Ramona Mower Debbie: Our deepest condolences to you. We are missing Vester so much. He was such a great man and a great friend. We are always here for you. . Love always George and Ramona.
about 3 years ago

SteveAnd Earlene Prayers to my wonderful sister. Vester was such a great man. He loved his family so much .He was a big part of my life.He Taught me from a very young age. How to fish, stain glass, steel rule die and quality and the skills I use every day. He will be missed very much.
about 3 years ago

Sherry Kniffin Debbie, I feel such sorrow for your heartache, losing Vester has to be unbearable. I will pray for comfort for you & the girls. Sending, Love, Hugs & Prayers Sherry & Bruce
about 3 years ago

Debbie Wright 50 year's of love! Ring is almost 50 years old. It looks the same as it did 50 year's ago. Our last picture taken together. I held h is hand and talked to him until I coud barely stand up, Our love story lives on in my heart. I feel like I have been denied my happily every after. But Vester lived the rest of his life with me. I am grateful for that and I wil spend the rest of my forever honoring him and his wishes and missing him everyday. Vester had just had his ring, resized and polished two weeks ago. You can see it sparkling in the picture and in my heart forever. I have it around my neck. R.I.H. Vester Lee Wright 111 #takethepictures
about 3 years ago

Debbie Wright Where did you go Dad???? When are you coming home? Mom isnt' the same as you.. I miss you Dad... Bulldog King Bling Wright
about 3 years ago

Debbie Wright My Mr. Wright is back home with me now. Thankful for creamation, the state of Arizona, and this amazing funeral home that has done sod much for me and Vester. KUDOS KYLE your one amazing person, beautiful inside and out. Kyle treated me like his Mom and couriered all the papers and brought him to me with the death certificates and felt my pain. I am soooooooooo proud of Vester L. Wright 111, my man, my world, my soulmate, my Mr. Wright since I was 16 this is all I have known. I have never been without this man. To say I am struggling woudl be putting it mildly. My hubby of 47 years. He will be missed so much. He was ONE OF A KIND! He was the absolute most wonderful and amaizng person, a creative man, supportive, talented, sweet, super fun, kind, loving, quiet, yet an amazing sense of humor. He was very good with his hands and I remember him in every room of our home inside and out as it's all hand crafted by him and then automated with smart devices in every room and every object of this home. Vester loved everyone, and he loved life and giving back and working every single day. He was a teacher to so many over the numerous decades where he was a boss to so many people teaching them how to think with their brain and work with their hands... QUALITY before speed, then speed. So many peole are contacting me that have heard and have reached out and raved about my Mr. Wright, some have met them, some have not. All said the same exact thing, " how much he has taught them. " Especially my brother, Steven Earl Pifer, that accedits his work ethic today to him and his amazing postion he holds at Hoosier Gasket, in Indpls, Indiana. Steve was his best employee at First Choice Dies, Inc, Greenwood, Indiana. Steve was also the best ring bearer to us and the best brother in law any one could hope for in their life. Steve is like a son to us, and he's ten year's younger. Vester spoke with him a lot and told him how proud he was of him. Since Vester's passing, Steve has not left my side, via text, phone etc. We are miles apart but super close to my heart. Vester was always an entrepreneur for decade's. If your reading this you probably worked for him or knew him or loved him and possibly talked with him in the last days of his life......All my friends, neighbors, customers, long time friends etc. anyone that knew him or was related to him loved him and have all reached out to me. Too numerous to answer everyone and keep my head above water. I love you all. I am my new normal and asking for your patience with me and my new life and the mountain of paperwork that goes with all of this......If you did know him or he touched your life..........please me a memory of your experience and love for this man. Rest in peace my dear Vester Lee Wright lll! You will be missed by so many people that touched our lives from the day we met to the day we we're engaged on March 22, 1973.. I type that through my tears as it was the day you we're called home. I don't know how I will go on without this amazing man by my side everyday working tirelessly making people happy and sparkly and giving back to the world one rhinestone at a time. I will still continue our love of rhinestones as soon as I can get my head above water and go though the grieving process and get to the acceptance part of grief. Life isn't the same at all. Nothing is fun now. A mountain of paperwork and things to attend to. #onedayatatime Tell my parent's hello. You were the best of the best Vester. #2ndtonone I hate covid and I hate heart disease and pray for our country and all that are experiencing this grief all over the world. We really we're the dymanic duo in work and in play.. in sickness and in health till death us did part... for just a little while.......then we will be back reunited together.. I have never ever been more at a loss for words in my entire life. I wanted to live one day less than you so I didn't have to experience such heartbreak and pain and loss and emptyness. Life is so so short. We knew it and we said it and we spent every minute together until your last breathe. It was so cool to be connected by the hip and by your side everyday and everynight. I will spend the rest of my forever doing you proud, missing you everyday and leaving this earth with absolutely no regrets. Your bulldog King Bling Wright is so lost and so sad and not happy that your not back home yet. I will love you long time forever and ever. So sad my Mr. always amazing Vester Lee Wright lll was called home before me. LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH......... Love Debbie :) xoxo Married 47 years 6 months 27 days, 47 hours 26 minutes and 5 seconds.. not enough for me. We had 50 years celebration planned and I am still in shock as to the last almost 3 weeks............... #gonetoosoon PLEASE continue to keep me in your prayers, thoughts and hearts as I try to move foward, one step at a time and one day at a time........ I am strong. I WILL GET be okay. I am super glad we married young.. I was almost 19, right out of high school. I had a college degree paid by my parent's, for all enrolled but I wanted to spend every day with my Mr. Wright because if I didn't I would of been living a life of regrets and would of could of should of right now. I have no regrets just a super broken heart. :( R.I.H. Vester Lee Wright 111 05-29-52 to 03 22-21 @ 5:17 am. mountain time in Goodyear, Arizona.. #VESTERSTRONG #prayforme #Mymrwrightisinheaven #nomoremeds #nomoreworryingboutcovid #LIFEISSOSHORT #CHERISHTHEMEMORIES
about 3 years ago

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